The Nelee Langmuir Foundation

The Nelee Langmuir Foundation was started in August, 2010 after Nelee's death to honor her contributions through an annual award to Stanford undergraduates. The award will alternate between the two areas of study at Stanford: European modern history, with an emphasis on the Holocaust, and study of the French language. The 2011 award will be presented to a student excelling in European modern history.

The Nelee Langmuir Foundation welcomes donations for the award. Checks should be made out to Stanford University, earmarked for the Nelee Langmuir Award, and sent to:

Taube Center for Jewish Studies
450 Serra Mall, Building 360
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2190.



Thanks to the following for contributing to the Nelee Langmuir Foundation:

  • Herbert Angress
  • Bay Area Hidden Children
  • Polly Bergtraun
  • Suzanne Blumenthal
  • Manuela Bornstein
  • Rita W Chaput
  • Patricia de Castries
  • Maria Devine
  • D.J. McCann & Dora Dubois
  • James & Martine Ferretti
  • Laurel Frederickson
  • Helene Fredrickson
  • Virginia Freeman
  • Gerald & Pauline Garry
  • Ralph & Claudie Hester
  • Helene Jean-Michel Hotton
  • Nancy Hoffman Jacques Wolgelenter
  • Monique Kane
  • Charlotte & John Lass
  • Samuel & Thea Leavitt
  • Vivian & Leonard Lehmann
  • Marcia Lusk
  • Pamela Mann Mark Miller
  • Molly McClure
  • Jane Brindle Miller
  • Hazelle Miloradovitch
  • Adelle Mitchner
  • Brenda D. Nard
  • Robert Packenham
  • Mina Parsont
  • Marc & Heidi Parsont
  • Susan Petit
  • Jonathan & Andrea Pfeffer
  • Debbie & Roger Reynolds
  • Jeannette & Alan Ringold
  • Myrna Bell Rochester
  • Barbara Rolph
  • Kenneth & Judith Rutkowski
  • Peter Stansky
  • Barbara & Charles Stevens
  • Cheryl Lee Sullivan
  • Ruth Tarnopolsky
  • Jack & Ellen Van Creveld
  • Joe & Diane Vandepeute
  • Debra Wanner and Family
  • Jennifer Wanner and Family
  • Manfred & Sylvia Wildmann
  • Mr. & Mrs. Yalom

The Nelee Langmuir Award to be presented april 28, 2011

The first recipient of the Nelee Langmuir Award will be announced on April 28, 2011 during a reception prior to the first public screening of Tombées du Ciel on the Stanford campus. For clips from the documentary and details about the screening, visit the Film page of this site.