Quotes through the years by audience members, artists and reviewers.

"You have such a richly anarchic but fully specific way with each movement, count me among your permanent admirers"
David Parker, Choreographer, The Bang Group

“Unpredictable people must surely inspire Ms. Wanner. In transferring their behavior patterns to the stage she is fortunate enough to have both an impish imagination and talented collaborators.”
Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"Beautifully lit (by Kathy Kaufmann) and costumed (by Kate Hamilton), Debra's solo was the highlight of the evening and a beautiful portrait of her as a dancer and woman. Sometimes balancing a tree branch atop her head (it sounds odd but it was actually quite lovely.…Ms. Wanner's solo lingers in the mind."
Oberon's Grove

"Debra Wanner’s  movement is assured and elegantly shaped; there is a winning sensuality to the curves of her arms and a defined neatness to the way she gets from place to place.”
Joseph Mazzo, The Village Voice

On Mutt  “I was just plain moved…”
Lucy Lippard, High Performance Magazine

"You are Fabulous!  I felt nauseous, sad, exhilarated, comforted, and impassioned. I believed everything you told me-even your lies.”
Jennifer Frank Tantia, Psychotherapist and Creative Arts Therapy

"Alessandra Larson and Molly Lieber best evoked the ambivalence of the program’s title, as they moved from parallel movement to intertwined pairings and back again. …Their limbs were propellers, bent and balanced; knees and elbows provided the propulsion, and like a pair of Coppelias, transformed them into puppets coming to life. Although the light had shifted and opened, it soon closed around them again in the opening forest of patterns, and Lieber’s legs held Larson’s head trapped, their closeness both chosen and enforced."
Martha Sherman, Dance View Times

 “Wanner was as a marvel of exotic, luxuriant style. She didn’t so much push the limits of her body as expound on its ordinary capacity, creating the ingratiating fantasy that anyone can dance as she does.”
William R.  Macklin, Grand Rapids Press

“Wanner is as spellbinding as a good storyteller on a cold winter night.”
Julinda Lewis, Other Stages

“One can take pleasure, as always, in the power and directness of her movement…”
Elizabeth Zimmer, The Village Voice

“Debra is above all , above all, above all a risk taker.”
Joan Evans, Physical Theater Artist, Master Movement Teacher, Stella Adler Studios

"With the greatest of (apparent) ease, Ms. Wanner crosses the lines between fantasy and reality in both movement and speech, from the mundane to the sublime. Her delicious sense of timing constantly surprises,…. Extraordinary!"
David Teschendorf, actor and director